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This site is dedicated to the memory of the late but great Jack Hargreaves, a man who had a major influence on me as a child.  Primarily through appearances on his Southern TV shows, Gone Fishing, Out Of Town and HOW!, Jack showed me a gentle way of life that I am still struggling to achieve to this day.  I work in the hectic world of freelance information technology, I don't hunt, I don't shoot, and I don't ride, but I do fish, turn & work wood, brew ale, have trained dogs (and plan to do so again), and most importantly, I have a rapidly greying beard!  So I'm getting there!


The mere thought of Jack's uniquely calming voice, describing the intricacies of some ancient rustic craft, has the stress of modern life retreating and my blood pressure levels dropping.  It's a sort of therapy really.  I hope you find it interesting.  Best wishes,  Steve Hardy.




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